Shipping Information

  1. What time frame is the delivery of my order?
    The delivery time for orders is 12-15 working days. The courier service determines the cost of overseas orders.
  2. Which courier will bring the package?
    It depends on the delivery location and the shipment’s kind. You will receive an email from us with the courier information when your order departs our warehouse.
  3. What happens when the order is delivered but I’m not home?
    The courier will get in touch with you to reschedule delivery if you are not home when it is attempted. You can also make an appointment for delivery by calling the courier directly and providing them with the order tracking number.
  4. Who will pay the taxes, duties, and customs?
    The possibility of taxes, fees, surcharges, and duties is present for all overseas orders (if applicable). Taxes and fees are determined by a variety of variables, such as location, substance, item value, etc. As customs laws vary greatly from nation to nation, we have no control over these fees and are unable to estimate what they might be.

    For the delivery to pass customs, any additional fees associated with your order must be paid by the customer.